On conversations & 2006 …

Like many people, every year around this time I enter a reflective mood and think back upon the events, accomplishments and challenges of the last year.

My husband gets a kick out of my January 1st “best book” ritual in which I record the best events (best date with the spouse, best vacation etc) and best things (best bargain, best laugh, best reason to contemplate throwing in the towel, etc.) of the year. The book sits on the corner shelf in our den and although it's plainly in sight, it is only opened once year - tomorrow being the 17th or 18th time. :)

Anyway, why this story? Well, with my first complete year of biblioblogging behind me, I find myself reflecting on “bests” in this area too! So to continue the trend, I thought I'd add a brief recap of the few posts,from among my year long rambles, that stand out to me as those that have generated the most conversation (both in and out of blogland):

And finally, the entry that has by far generated more hits, comments and conversation on this blog … MySpace Library Profiles – UPDATED

In closing this year (that being my first full year of blogging about libraries & technology) I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge all those out-of-the-box thinkers and blogging colleagues out there who help not only to stretch my mind but to continuously challenge libraries to move forward.

Thanks ALL for a great year of conversation !!! Here's to more in 2007!

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