6 Pillars of web 2.0 design

Thanks to Karen Coombs for this excellent list of guidelines for developing websites that encompass 2.0 principles. She hits the key points right on ...

  1. Radical decentralization
  2. Small pieces loosely joined
  3. Perpetual beta
  4. Remixable content
  5. User as contributor
  6. Rich user experience

Read the full article, Building a Library Web Site on the Pillars of Web 2.0

1 comment: said...

Excellent list, indeed. I read Karen's article a few days ago and had one of those "head-shaking-yes" moments...even printed the article and sat it beside my monitor (head still shaking "yes")...You see, these points are so valid because they "not only" apply to developing web sites, but to library GROWTH and EVOLUTION and COMMUNITY BUILDING...we could/can/should apply these criteria across the board in new (or existing)projects, programs and services.