Big Week

As most staff members know, it's been a big week around here at PLCMC... most notably because of this. But my favorite part of the press release is 12 year-old Surya's reply...

"Surya spends a lot of time at the library’s ImaginOn Center, which she describes as “a place where kids can go to be kids.” In addition to just being with her friends at ImaginOn’s Teen Loft, Surya has taken several classes there in science, computer technology, and theatre. She also produced her own newscast at the center’s Studio I (Studio EYE) and recently made her first podcast. When IMLS asked Surya what she would do without ImaginOn, she thought for a few seconds before replying, “I couldn’t imagine.

Isn't it cool that she learned to create her first podcast (& newscast) at a library? And that she "couldn't imagine" what she do without ImaginOn. :)

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