Teen Second Life on cover of SLJ

I’ve known that SJL was going to feature the Teen Library Second life project for a couple of months now, but seeing the flying avatar on the cover just makes it better. :)

“A Web presence that helps teens develop positive identities, take charge of their lives, and assume leadership roles as world citizens? As librarians, we knew a good thing when we saw one...

So in fall 2006, PLCMC and the Alliance Library System (ALS) in East Peoria, IL, announced a formal partnership to create Eye4You Alliance, an island within the teen grid. By setting up shop in the virtual sphere, we hoped to establish a dedicated space for youth that was both informative and interactive and could function as a bridge to other youth organizations”

Read the full article, Meet the New You
And then check out more on the project at the Eye4You alliance blog.

PS: Congrats Kelly & Matt on a great article!

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