Downloadable games from OverDrive

According to this, OverDrive is going to be adding games and interactive software to thier list of downloadable offerings.

"At the ALA Midwinter Meeting, OverDrive will demonstrate all of its download formats that can be downloaded and viewed on a single platform. Titles and publishers of OverDrive's latest format, games & interactive and educational software, include Sudoku, the wildly popular puzzle game from Global Software Publishing, North America; children's and interactive titles from Charlesbridge Publishing; and, arcade and card games such as Poker, Blackjack and Pool Hall."

Hmmm, sounds intriguing ... sorta. I can see the educational stuff for kids flying, but poker & blackjack? There's plenty of free stuff on the web, including my all time favorite - Centipede.

Yup, I know I'm dating myself by mentioning an Atari classic. But hey, doesn't everyone have a fondness for their first gaming addiction. :)

What was your first favorite video gaming addiction?

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Anonymous said...

It was Tomb Raider for me! I couldn't get enough of Laura Croft