Great quotes & other good reads ...

The latest copy of AL arrived in my mailbox today and I had the opportunity to practically read it cover-to-cover this morning while waiting for my 5 year-old to return from her kindergarten readiness test. The issue, newly designed, is just as sparkly and sharp inside as it is on the outside and in thumbing through the pages I was please to read several great articles.

Meredith Farkas' Balancing in the Online Life was excellent and I'll look forward to reading more of her contributions via a new column in the future. Also of note was Jenny Levine's column on gaming, Getting your Game On. She shares some great stats on players which indicate that that I fit the profile of a gamer more than my 15 year-old skateboard-fanatic neighbor. There's also an offering on 20 Tips to Inspire Innovation from Steve Abram -- this one needs a whole post in itself -- my favorite of which is #10, Have vision and dream big : "When the vision doesn't have enough stretch in it, things seem mediocre." How True.

And last but not least, I discovered a great quote from Miriam Pollack in an article titled In the Company of Friends: Learning through dialogue ...

"I think the key to learning is not the format, the medium, nor the message; it is the quality of the dialogue among peers that really matters."

I'll definitely be using this one sometime soon. :)

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