SMS Marketing

Wouldn't it be cool to get every member on your staff one of these?

I can see creating a variety of messages. Or better yet, why not let each staff member create a shirt and message of their own.

The marketing works like this ... people read your shirt and then send a text message (in this case to 41411 with the keyword message why123 or mybook) and then they recieve a message you've predefined back. Neat!

I can easily see this being used not only to promote library services and events, but also for reader's advisory ... how about you?

Reactee - Cause a Reaction


Anonymous said...

love this! thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Already planning how to adapt it for WJ.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting stuff...I've also found some similar examples of sms marketing incorporated on Tees and other accessories at these sites:

- Mqube

- GoLive! Mobile

- Motricity

I'm sure there are others out there doing this stuff don't consider that a full list or anything! ;-)

Anonymous said...

We also were thinking about this great idea at mobileStorm SMS Marketing. Nice to know Reactee is doing this!

Stopntext said...

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