Happy Blog Day!!!

For this year’s 3rd annual salute to bloggers, I thought I’d post a few new voices that I've discovered over the last few months who seem to be relatively new to the biblioblogging scene (roughly defined as just under or over a year). And since I enjoy discovering new voices who make me think, I thought I give a shout out to these 5 'newish' excellent blogs:

  • The Other Librarian - What I like about Ryan’s is that he’s not afraid to tackle subjects straight and his writing has a depth of clarity that is always thought provoking.
  • Leapin Librarian – I just love Teresa’s writing style. She doesn’t post often enough, but when she does it’s always enjoyable.
  • Uncontrolled Vocabulary - Although Greg isn’t new to the blogging scene, this latest project is. And though I’ve yet to participate in a live discussion, it's become my Friday afternoon routine this past month to listen to the weekly podcast while wrapping up office work.
  • Self Check – It’s not the writing I enjoy in this blog, but rather it's the images. Emily creates a great little cartoon from Toondoo, which is accessible via RSS from here.
  • The Cronicles of Bean- Even though I believe that Cindi is a pretty seasoned blogger, it’s just been within the last few months that I’ve discovered her. The name comes from her “mommy-blogging” days, but her recent posts add lots of thoughts to the ever-changing library landscape.
Happy Blog Day everyone!


Greg Schwartz said...

Thanks for the link love!

Lorrie said...

I just completed the 23 things at Bayside Library in Melbourne. I wanted to thank you for your generosity in sharing this really great program and being such a great mentor. I heard you speak at the State Library and was really inspired.

Emily Lloyd said...

Thanks, Helene!