ACPL Visit

Allen County Public Library has been on my radar to visit ever since I saw the iACPL video series. Today I got my chance and I wasn’t disappointed. The library and staff are just as awesome as I had imagined and I great time talking to them about libraries, learning, perceptions and present trends.

For those in attendance for either of my two talks, here are my slides. I actually ended up doing two different, but related talks. So depending upon whether you attend the 8 or 11 am sessions, only one set of slides of may look familiar. :)

PS: And a HUGE thanks for the very fun L2.0 video. I’ve been ribbed for creating a new gang symbol - LOL ;)

Thanks everyone at ACPL for a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the slide shows from last week's ACPL appearances. I had to miss the eleven o'clock presentation, to it was nice to look through the slides.

My biggest point of philosophical discomfort in all of this is the degree to which (see slide 47) an understanding of first-person plural ("us") is yielding to a referential that is completely singular ("me").

I'm sure you've tried to explain this before; is egocentrism a fundamentally healthy social model?