My Achilles heel

I totally *heart* Penelope Trunk's post for today - Writing without typos is totally outdated

Yup, try as I might, whenever I freely type ideas, my fingers just don't seem to keep up with my brain. It reflects in my writing. I can get the ideas get out there. But often it's not without one or two small errors. Missing words (especially connectors like and, or, in & the) are my biggest downfall and they are never caught by spell checkers. Neither do they catch the errors created by tired fingers that leave out letters, such as "r". For example, your brain says "your", but your fingers type "you".

Fortunately with blogging, you can easily make corrections. But that also means you need be able to separate yourself from your writing (and ideas) in order to act as your own proofreader - another of my downfalls.

Bottom line, after blogging for years I've come to know my Achiiles heel well. And I'm grateful that those of who read my blog often come back and seem to value conversation and ideas over spelling and missing words. :)

Anyway, read Penelope's post. I think there's a few good thoughts here, primarily related to blogging.

"There is a new economy for writing. The focus has shifted toward taking risks with conversation and ideas, and away from hierarchical input (the editorial process) and perfection."

This quote reminds me a lot of Michael Stephen's point about letting go of the "Culture of Perfect"

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