Pecha Kucha Revisited

From all accounts the Pecha Kucha Conversation Face-off talk at CIL was huge hit and why wouldn’t it be with such a great line up of speakers? I had personally hoped that someone would video a presentation or two, so I could see what I missed while I was moderating another great talk during the same time frame. UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Thanks Michael Sauers for filming and posting it. :)

If your not familiar with Pecha Kucha, it's a Japanese word for conversation and as presentation format it limits speakers to exactly 20 slides @ 20 secs each for a total of 6 min 40 secs. Pecha Kucha events springing up all over the globe (think Toastmasters for on steroids and add beer) and there is even an event coming up in Columbus, but I’ve yet to try out this style myself or even see it in action.

Thanks to Greg Schwartz, I now have a sampling. Here’s his contribution to the PK Face-off redone as a screencast. (Note: may need to turn up the volume up a little to hear the podcast sampling pieces)

Thanks Greg. Thanks Michael. And thanks Jane Dysart for trying out this wild idea as result of my small suggestion last fall. It's amazing to see how much ground you can cover in only 6 min 40 secs. NTS: Need to try this soon.


Greg Schwartz said...

Michael Sauers has posted the actual video from the event:

amanda said...

Hey Helene -- Michael Sauers recorded the whole thing: Such fun! said...

I've been intrigued by this idea ever since you first shared it with me! I'd like to try this sometime. Sure will encourage one to get to the point!

Unknown said...

Hi there,
There is indeed a citywide PechaKucha coming up in Columbus, on May 22, 2008. In fact, we have an event every 3 months! You can check out the details and find out more about the next event at

Janie L. Hermann said...

We are doing a Pecha Kucha night at Princeton PL for our June Tech Talk. I will let you know how the public responds! It will be 3 PPL librarians (myself included), Pete from LG and a few others that I have selected. Should be fun.