Lifelong Learning Habits

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said in talks and presentations over the past year, the single most important exercise in all of Learning 2.0 is #2 – Lifelong Learning & Learning 2.0

Yup, I can still remember Lori Reed and I chatting in my office about the idea for the 7 & ½ Habits of highly Effective Lifelong Learners and when I saw the results of her first attempt, I knew the tutorial that she wrote and created were indeed the perfect foundation to set this type of learning adventure.

Since it’s debut I’ve forwarded numerous requests to Lori (somehow many of them get sent to me) to adopt and use the tutorial in everything from elementary in-service days to full blown college doctorate programs. And I’ve been happy to see that so many other libraries have taken advantage of this excellent tutorial also in their adaptation of L2.0

If you have never seen this tutorial, it’s well worth the 14 minutes. Every habit in here is winner, but my personal favorite is 7.5, followed closely by 2 – take responsibly for your own learning. And when you're done, be sure to jump on over to Lori’s blog to see her reflections and advice on creating online tutorials.

Happy Learning!

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