Learning 2.0 Reflections

This post fell into my ego feed this morning -- Yes, I have an ego feed. Everyone should. It’s important to know what people are saying about you -- and I couldn’t help but smile. Not because my name was mentioned, but rather because the blogger, Cathy, shared so eloquently the transformation she experienced through her participation in the California School Library version of the Learning 2.0 program.

Just yesterday, CML had the kick-off planning meeting for this adventure and I’m thrilled that I’ll have the opportunity to experience the program a second time. But this time I'll be supporter and participant - not the coordinator :). Anyway Cathy says so well exactly what I shared with the kick-off team.

“As I review my blog posts of the last nine weeks, I feel a tremendous sense of personal accomplishment and deep gratitude to those who have made this tutorial possible … What a journey! The words I would use to describe the Library 2.0 journey are engaging and empowering. It was fun and quite a challenge.

In the face of many new web tools and so much new web jargon and web content in the form or blogs, podcasts, wikis, etc., I sometimes feel overwhelmed and retreat to the sidelines. This tutorial has enabled me to feel as though I have “caught the wave,” at least for a little while. That feeling is a great motivator for me to continue learning.”

As Cathy eludes, the Learning 2.0 program does more than just expose participants to web 2.0 tools, it transforms attitudes, adds confidence and creates a powerful peer-to-peer learning environment.

To be honest, when I developed the program, these were initially secondary considerations. But after hearing from hundreds of people who have completed the program all over the globe in the last year and half, I’ve changed my thinking. The transformational aptitude that happens when whole groups of staff become more confidence in their skills and take control of their own learning is far more powerful then just gaining exposure to wikis, blogs and RSS feeds… it’s a full frontal embrace of lifelong learning that shifts the entire organization.

PS: Thanks Cathy for posting your thoughts & congrats on finishing the program!

PPS: Can't wait to see what the CML L2.0 project team comes up with to kick the program up a notch.

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