From Avatars to Advocacy Pre-conference

Wow! What a great day of ideas bounced around this afternoon during the pre-conference that Michael Porter and I gave on “un-marketing.” And thanks to Nicole Engard and her skillful picture taking, we also have all the post-it note ideas capture on Flickr.

During the break, Michael and I must have had at least a half dozen people run in and ask if our slides were going to be available online, and they weren't even signed up for our pre-con. Anyway, the final merged version of our combined talk isn’t up yet (at least I don’t think) but hopefully will be soon. In the meantime, you can view at least half the slides here from my contribution ...

In all it was a really enjoyable pre-conference full of great discussion and great ideas. Thanks all!

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Melanie Huggins said...

I had to smile when I saw the "Its not about us" slide. This has been my motto for so long as it relates to the how and why we do what we do in libraries. And it certainly applies to how others are branding us as well. Looks like I missed a great presentation.