New Knowledge

After just spending the last hour and half working on new presentation about lifelong learning in the 21st century, I opened up my RSS feeds and stumbled across this quote from Robert Steele via Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed:

"Published knowledge is old knowledge: The art of intelligence in the 21st Century will be less concerned with integrating old knowledge and more concerned with using published knowledge as a path to exactly the right source or sources that can create new knowledge tailored to a new situation, in real time.”

Wow! There's a lot of food for thought packed into this one statement and it's got me thinking... how do we build libraries, services and collections to support "knowledge creation" in real time?

PS: Attention ACPL - Be prepared to see this quote again. :)


Sean Robinson said...

I guess our mantra will be the boy scout motto:-)

~Sean from ACPL

Anonymous said...

I just blogged this myself! So behind on my favorite feeds... Glad to see it spoke to you too!