Moving from more to best

“Doing more with less” is a mantra that many libraries have learned to live (and some even flourish) by. But with this current financial crisis it may take more than “more” to carry us through ...


Thanks Jenn Hess for inspiring me with this twitter thought. I totally agree that creativity will be a huge asset during this coming year. How can we do “best” for less? You've got my head spinning around this thought as well.


Squints2.0 said...

my 2 cents -

Squints2.0 said...

Best with less or best with what we already have? Many money saving books state to use what is already lying around. What do we have lying around forgotten about? For example, I’ve heard much talk about mobile searching in the stacks. There are PDAs beside desktops that are not used to full potential because they don’t sync right or don’t sync e-mail or are just forgotten about. Many of these are wireless internet models. With a PDA version of our catalog and web site we can pilot a mobile searching experience to some of our locations. This requires staff time, but not hardware money. What tools are not being used to their full potential or for a secondary purpose?

Cheryl said...

Yay, watch that Jen Hess, she's got some great ideas.

Really enjoyed reading your 10 Random Things...I'll have to do one soon. Hope all is going well :) I heard you guys are getting together for a little BOP holiday lunch this month - I'll be there in spirit! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

This post shows one area where substantial change needs to take place and I think the library could and should be instrumental in that transformation.

How 'bout buying OLPCs for all the new Homework Help Centers.