Another example for doing more with your catalog PCs

In a follow-up to my post last week on our new catalog kiosk, I recieved this note from Sally Fry, Branch Administrator from the Orange County Library System regarding their implementation of Info Spot.

From Sally ...
"The purpose of Info Spot is to revamp our current Catalog Only stations for easy 1-on-1 assistance and training emphasizing key resources, Do it Yourself (DYI) options, packaged guidance to frequently asked for topics and services and to feature premium online databases available from one’s home. The Info Spot hits the highlights of our website and the most popular topics and sites – all just a few clicks away. When training staff we describe Info Spot as a collection of computers and staff who together will customers with demonstrations of the vast array of services and resources that is at their fingertips whether in the library or the comfort of their home.

Info Spot is currently in six of our 15 locations. It is being installed at each location as part of a deployment of new computers. We plan to include Info Spot on all public Internet Stations and to have a link from our website. We’re still working on developing the “Power of the Pin” message – we want to emphasize the value of your OCLS card. The “Links Basket” allows a customer to mark the Info Spot areas he learned about during their Library visit. Therefore, when a person accesses our website at home, she knows how to get back to what she learned. This is especially aimed at the reluctant Do it Yourselfer.

On the dedicated terminals, Info Spot is offered through Flash wallpaper (attached). On the Internet stations and home use, it is a website application including “more” links that lead a person further into our website."

Wow! The design is definitely eye catching and seems to hit some of the same objectives we wanted to include and I see some neat ideas here that we may be able to borrow from as we continue to improve our catalog kiosk.

BTW: Their website is very flashy (no pun intended) too! The option to change skins (colors) is neat. :)

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