CIL day 2 : My head's still spinning …

Hands down the most informative presentation of the day goes to Megan Fox, this morning's keynote speaker from Simons College who did a whirlwind tour on mobile computing.

Yup, talk about your head spinning. Megan definitely gave us all a lot to think about … from mobile access to the catalog, 3G mobile wireless capabilities (sorry North America doesn’t have this yet) to convergent technologies that are getting both bigger (as is options) and smaller all at the same time. Honestly Megan covered so much ground in 45 minutes that I just wanted her to stop and breath a little bit so that the rest of us in the aduience could catch up. Next year they definitely need to have Megan back, but have her do a longer pre or post conference instead.

In the meantime, I’m adding a few of the mobile computing info sites to my bloglines account and am hoping that someone captured a podcast of this great session so I can view it again. Megan’s presentation and information page can be found here (Note: presentation slides from today soon to follow) and from a quick of her page, I think I could spend a few hours here just sponging.

Anyway, as a follow-up to the most informative presentation of the day, my vote for best presentation format goes to Bill Helling, Crawfordsville District Public Library for his clever baseball score board approach (to tackling the 9 challanges of opening a new library with limited staff and new technology) and nice imbedded HTML popups. The good news is that staffing won, but not without a lot of help from technology. :)

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