Blogs as branch communication tools

While at CIL last week, I had the pleasure of lunching with Michael Casey and Chris Hall both from the Gwinnett County Public Library system. And, although our lunch was mediocre Indian cuisine -- you can blame me for the suggestion -- the conversation more than made up for it.

Anyway, during our conversation Michael mentioned his use of a blog as an open staff communication tool (all members of his staff can both author and respond to posts) for his branch -- which really intrgigued me. What a great idea and application of Library 2.0 principles :) Anyway as a follow-up, he posted more about it this week... so go on over and take a READ.

PS: Just a plug for PLCMC staff... be sure to sign-up for the upcoming Tech Talks on Weblogs - Fresh Content, Fresh Context on the Intranet to get your feet wet.

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