Time (March 27th Issue)

They say that by the time it reaches main stream media, it's old news. But still it's worth a read.

The Multitasking Generation
Time 3/27/2006, Vol. 167 Issue 13

Fulltext available online through PLCMC's OneSearch in Ebsco's MasterFile Premiere & Academic Search Elite, Infotrac's General Reference Center Gold and/or Electric Library.

The article includes a great list of tips for parents that can easily be applied to anyone who works in libraries (especially with teens). Here's three that stood out to me:
DO see for yourself what it's all about. Get on IM. Download an MP3 music file. Play a video game. Create a MySpace account. Let your kids be your guide, but talk to them about how to use these technologies safely and wisely.

DON'T be a disapproving elder. Every older generation believes the younger generation is on the road to perdition. Your kids need your curiosity and involvement, not pious, uninformed pronouncements.

DO look for the good. Search for what's positive and innovative in the ways in which your children are using and adapting to the new technology. Try to imagine how it could be used to enhance relationships and learning.

Sounds like good advice to me. :)

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