CIL - 1st Day Wrapup & one additional 2.0 item ...

1st day of CIL? A busy one consumed with presentations on ...

Wikis (Note to self: Gotta checkout Twiki – its wysiwyg interface and list of plugins definitely beat out Mediawiki)

Technology Challenges (tentative plans to do lunch with guys from Gwinnett County tomorrow since PLCMC & GCPL seem to run parallel on all vendor/technology fronts-- Horizon, Envisionware, TechLogic, etc – and compare notes and implementation strategies.)

IMing – hot, especially as community builders.

E-Learning Communities - Our library’s already participating in this WebJunction e-learning pilot, so it was good to meet the players and discuss future enhancements for MS Live meeting (FYI Julia & Lori – I put a plug in for PLCMC to help beta test version 3.0 with VoIP)

And last but not least the featured evening program on Dead Technologies/Emerging Technologies which beat the Library 1.0 vs. 2.0 meme to death. In all serious there were a lot of laughs as well as many great points made by the panel of eight. Scott Brandt’s opening was perfect a way to start off the panel discussion roast of old technologies with the meme repeated often throughout the night…

  • Vendor OPACS –> Library 1.0 … Casey Bisson’s Wordpress OPAC (with tags) –> Library 2.0

  • "No Cell Phones or Food or drink in the Library" -> Library 1.0 ... "Enjoy hot fresh steamy coffee while you browse" -> Library 2.0

  • Email reference -> Library 1.0 ... IM reference -> library 2.0

  • Library newsletters -> 1.0 ... Library blogs -> 2.0

You get the drift ... so what sets the notion of 2.0 apart from 1.0 -> basically it’s the recognition that our users can add value to the library... that yes, we can trust them... and that it’s no longer a one way push. So along this same vein, I’d like to suggest just one more element to the whole Library 1.0 vs. 2.0 that I think in all the examples (and laughter) was overlooked ...

Information Specialists -> Library 1.0 … Information Facilitators -> Library 2.0

The 2.0 meme is more than just technology and signage folks… it’s about people, perceptions and how we interact with our users too!

Websters definition: fa•cil•i•tate = “to make easier : help bring about”
-- after all, isn’t that what it's all about???

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