CIL- Buzzwords

Every conference has them … words that create a buzz. And although I think the most often repeated word of the conference definitely has to be “wiki”, for the most part the word isn’t actually new. So what is new you ask? Good question. Well here's my short list of new words I encountered today …

  • Amazoogle - a cross between Amazon & Google. Meaning?
  • Spimes - (see wikipedia)
  • Blogjets- objects that blog?

And apparantly two of these words are so new that even Wikipedia hasn't got an entry for them yet.

So here's my plea.. can anyone out there define these for me concisely? I can patch together the first one, sorta and thank goodness for Wikipedia on the second... but the third has got me a little stumped. I understand the use of the term "objects" from a digithead standpoint, but I'd love to have an example.

UPDATE: Thanks to Alane Wilson, here's an explanation from the OCLC Blog.

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Simon Chamberlain said...

They are terms coined by Bruce Sterling: see

David Hook said...

The 'Amazoogle' effect is a site that:
- is comprehensive
- is accessible
- provides immediate gratification
- creates a market of one (i.e. personalization).

Alane said...

Helene, "blogjets" was coined by Julian Bleeker and is explained in a truly thought-provoking paper linked to in the BoingBoing post that Simon left. Spimes and blogjets are pretty much the same...Bleeker says they are things that collect and emit a steady stream of information about their world and what they make of it. One example he gives is of blogging pigeons....sounds wacky but makes a lot of sense when you read it.

And Dave's definition of Amazoogle is the one we use when we explain why Lorcan Dempsey coined that term.