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This evening while perusing through the recent Web 2.0 Award winners, I ran across a category that I hadn’t heard of before – Trusted Searching Tools. And since Rollyo was first on the list, I thought I’d try it out…

1st reaction -- Wayyyyyyyy Cool! The site allows you to enter up to 25 trusted websites and create a one-search tool for just those sites.

2nd reaction – think of the usefulness of this for libraries!!! With tools like this, librarians can create customized search engines for just the authority sites they like!! I can see a search engine for trusted business sites, homework resources, health sites etc. The applications are numerous and best yet – it trumps Google!

In playing around, I 'rolled' my own search tool for several sites that are part of PLCMC’s library’s family of websites (we have 15 separate domains in all). Take a look and try it out yourself here (or use the little search box below)

Hint: try a broad search term like "history" or "homework" to see results on the first page from multiple sites.

OK. You've tried it. Now share with me your 1st & 2nd reaction thoughts... What do you think?

UPDATE: Check out these search rolls created by Rollyo users:

PS: And don't forget to spend some time exploring and playing with some of the winners (and honorable mentions too!) There's a lot of neat stuff floating around out there... and a lot of it can be extremely useful too!

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Homie Bear said...

That seems pretty cool. The google search bar on the top of a blogger blog isn't much good at all.