3 things that make me smile

Some recent discoveries that make me smile...

  • Skypecasts -- Skype announces free online audioconferencing via VoIP for up to 100 people!!! (found via CNET)

  • Sphere - a new blog search tool that looks like it offers some neat features. It definitely has a nice streamline approach to grabbing a subject search RSS feed and seems to take the stripped down Google approach with its interface. First impression -- I like it (via TechCrunch)

  • Napster’s free again -- well sorta... The site has just launched free limited access to its collections – you can play any song for free up to 5 times without buying. Also included in the new site, Narchive – a place where users can share their thoughts on music, and also Napsterlinks. (via MSNBC)

    NOTE: This last find is recommended for home use only. Please don't eat up (or get caught monopolizing) bandwidth at work.

Anyone want to play???

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