Reader's Club has RSS

This enhancement has been in the works for a couple of weeks now ... but I'm pleased to announce that it's done!! :)

Reader's Club, PLCMC's book review site for adults and teens now has RSS feeds (in fact there's 56 of 'em).

If you're not familiar with the RC site, it currently contains over 3300 staff and patron reviews (with new recommendations being added each week) and also hosts a popular Celebrity Reviews feature which are gathered and added to the site each year. (Note: RSS for celebrity reviews to follow soon).

Anyway, I just had to toot our fabulous Web Services department's horn. This site is built upon a homegrown content management system (not a blogging tool - they weren't around in 1999 when this site premiered) so creating and adding the feeds required a bit more skill than merely checking a checkbox. :) And the feeds themselves even have a style sheet so they're not so ugly when a user clicks on them. Great job WS!

Up next ---> individuals feeds for branch programs and more - which will premiere as part of our website redesign later this summer. :)

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Anonymous said...

We need as RSS feed for individual Readers Club reviewers...