Library 2.0 & Commenting

NOTE: This is duplicate post from ALAL2 because I can't seem to get around the security settings. Please leave your comments here - thanks

Both Rory Litwin's and Paul Miller's posts yesterday on Privacy & Library 2.0 bring up some good issues and arguments around Library 2.0 and Privacy.

Although I have my own personal thoughts on this issue (I won't cloud this post with these) the thought did occur to me while reading these two posts that the privacy "core value" could also be extended to Team 1's project on Best Practices for Public Comment.

So here's my question -- If protecting user's privacy is indeed a "core value" of libraries, does this also create a strong argument for allowing users the ability to provide feedback and suggestions via anonymous comments?

I got some thoughts of my own, but as a team member of the ALAL2 project for this issue I'd love some input.

PS: Feel free to leave them anonymously :)

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