BibPhone Follow-up

Thank goodness for Andreas, one of the creators of the BibPhone that I blogged about, for it seems my lack of Danish language skills has lead me to mislead you...
Hi Helene

I am one of the makers of the bibPhone. Let me correct you a little - we do not use the storage on the RFID Tag - we only use the ID to query the database if any sounds are linked to the specific book. The project could be done just the same using a bar-code scanner. I give you a link for more photos and a little english text - here. I am working on a little video on the two prototypes - hopefully it will be finished tomorrow.

Best regards - andreas

Take a look at the English page of this exciting project. I love the idea of "treasure hunting" and can also relate to the "reluctance towards ... written reviews" Anything that enhances that book finding process or gives me the ability to add my comments to an object sounds likes technology that is not only useful, but is FUN!

PS: I still like the idea of combining this with shotcodes & cellular phones. :)

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