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Unusual RSS feeds always interest me because I like to use them as examples of where this technology is going in my Newsreader and RSS staff workshop. Among the many that are out there, here are a few that demonstrate the usefullness of this communciation channel beyond and above just news sources and blogs ...

- Quote of the Day and Word of the Day
- All Recipes for Baking
- Garage Sales classifieds (from
- Job listings
- Dilbert daily cartoon
- The ABC television guide
- Library Elf (reserve notices and over due books via RSS feed)
- National Weather Service alerts (Thanks Ed for forwarding me this one)

Just about any source that sends periodic updates or notices can be delivered via RSS feed. Personally, I'm waiting for Harris Teeter (or some other local grocerty store) to finally jump on the feed-bandwagon and begin offering a RSS feed of their weekly specials. And when they do, I'll be one fo the first to sign-up. Anyway, if you do know of a grocery store that is currently publishing their specials via RSS feed, please let me know. I'd love to include it as another example in my workshop.

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Anonymous said...

I read about a company called Zixxo offering local coupons via RSS. Here is a profile of the company from techcrunch: