Thanks to fellow staff member (& new blogger) Chris Bates, I have discovered a new tool to use for integrating images into a blog. Although I've been a fan of Flickr for sometime now (personally love the tagging and share features found on this site) I have found that for isolated album sharing inside a blog I'd like a bit more control in the display beyond just a Flickr badge.*

Enter Bubbleshare - another online photo sharing site that let's you create individual albums that you can display in a variety of ways. (just look at all these options be sure scroll down).

Chris has posted a slide show of his recent visit to a neigboring library/Library system on his blog -- Take a look LOOK and be sure to also check out some of the fun comment bubbles. :)

I need to play around with Bubbleshare a bit more, but as a simple to use tool for imbedding slideshow features into a blog (Note: they also support Myspace) I'm impressed!!!

PS: I agree with Chris, the bugs are cute. :)

BTW: * If you're looking for a way to imbed a Flickr slideshow into a Blogger blog, I've successfully used this code before. My guess is though, that many people may not feel comfortable manually modifying code that's where I think Bubbleshare makes it easy!! Note to Flickr -- watch out!

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