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With 5 items labeled "MustBlogThis" in my account, I'm using today's post to highlight a few good reads and add my two cents' worth of thoughts:

  • Google Moves into Virtual Worlds
    -- My husband downloaded and played around with Google Sketch-up even before this article was published last week. Using Sketch-up he was able to design a 3-D building for our home and plop it onto our property and view it in Google Earth -- pretty cool!!. Imagine doing this with library building renderings or having library resources/collections available in the virtual spaces such as Second Life and Google Earth?

  • Generation C (as in Content)
    -- An interesting look at how web 2.0 tools are changing the way users interact and the shift from media/authoritative/controlled content to a user-generated paradise. With content generation booming out there -- heck you're reading my content/blog aren't you? -- how can libraries take advantage of this? And, how might we be able to capture some of this creative content that users are providing and make it available through our library websites and/or future archives? BTW: If you want inspiration here, just look at ADL's Picture Ann Arbor project.

  • Videogamers Malaise
    -- "Social interaction trumps computer graphics every time." - nuff said. Using Michael Stephen's take ... Social Networks are HOT!

  • What can Social Networking do for your Organization
    -- A good primer by Tech Soup for those in your library whose eyes completely glaze over when they hear the term "social network"

  • Data Mining
    -- A great blog by Matt Whurst that follows blogging trends and developments in data collection in blogosphere.

That's all for my two cents this week -- what's yours?

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