Infolust has a great article this month about a trend they've indentified as Infolust:

"Experienced consumers are lusting after detailed information on where to get the best of the best, the cheapest of the cheapest, the first of the first, the healthiest of the healthiest, the coolest of the coolest, or on how to become the smartest of the smartest. Instant information gratification is upon us.
So forget information overload: this desire for relevant information is insatiable, and will soon move from the online world to the ‘real’ world to achieve true ubiquity. Get ready for a click-and-know, point-and-know, text-and-know, hear-and-know, smell-and-know, touch-and-know and snap-and-know world.

The driving force behind INFOLUST is a basic human need. Which goes for most consumer trends. In this case: the need for power and empowerment, or at least the illusion thereof. Information is power. So is knowledge. And being in the know."

Read the full text here and then ponder how libraries can help individuals fulfill their own personal infolust (keeping mind their desire also to be in control or empowered).

Sounds like Library 2.0 to me :)

What's more, there's a whole new world of technologies and gadgets to support it. Check out what's happening with Advanced barcodes and Customer Made codes -- amazing stuff!!

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