What does Librarian mean?

There's an interesting discussion going on over at LiveJournal about what the title "Librarian" means. Is it different to those of us that work in libraries than to our users? Or the same?


Anonymous said...

As this discussion indicates, the obsession that some Librarians (those with MLS degrees) have with the exclusive use of the title of "Librarians" is based to me in insecurity and vanity. Like the Emperor Who Had No Clothes, instead of being worried with who is qualified to be a librarian, maybe all library workers should be concerned about our customers and making sure they support libraries (not just librarians).

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that both sides of this argument stem from vanity and insecurity. The questions that we must deal with (and soon!) have much more to do with what the role of the library and our role as library workers will be in the future... The question of what we should all call each other is minor in comparison.