Children's Transformation Lab

The Aarhus Public Library has released another video about their innovative experiments in the Children's Interactive Library. I still hope to visit this unique library and space on day so that I can see experience it in person. But in the meantime, the videos are a good substitute. Here's their latest:

View other Transformation Lab videos here.


aaron schmidt said...

Holy smokes! This was a good morning coffee video. I like the RFID audio book annotation quite a bit. Combining that with leaving clues for a puzzle would be nice.

Cat Herself said...

Imagine what that technology could do in a community that struggles with low literacy skills. You have physical interaction to manipulate the catalog, stack-ends that allow you to locate the book by the cover art, and RFID book annotations to help you find things that you may like or need. Fantastic! If you go to Denmark, count me in!