Paint the town READ

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I can still recall what I was drinking at Caribou Coffee in the BofA atrium when I first heard the inspiration for this new family literacy campaign - Paint the town “Read”

Family reading time is just so important for young minds (heck, from experience I can tell you it benefits old minds like mine too) so seeing a campaign like this come from a small idea born over coffee into a huge system-wide (and city-wide) effort just makes me smile.

You can find more about this campaign both here. The kickoff is tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, which seems appropriate, no? And during the campaign there are all sorts of fun red/read hallmark events planned.

Congrats to the entire Library in Action team! I’ll be wearing red in your honor and plan to spend the part of evening with my girls painting our new home here in Columbus “read” as well.

BTW: ICYC the drink was a hazelnut latte :)

PS: Thanks John for capturing this great photo of 3000 yard signs ready to go.

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Hi Helene!
The big kick-off day is here! We have over 500 staff members walking around in red shirts, jeans and "Paint the Town Read" stickers. A great addition to Valentine's Day for sure! That hazelnut latte sounds good right now on this crisp, cold morning in Charlotte! Here's to dreaming big--and then acting on it!