Don’t have a cheer? Then just share a story …

When Margaret Miles, from Plumus County Library, did an encore presentation of her infamous Library Cheer during the MaintainIT project's annual meeting this past month in SF, I was completely enthralled. I mean any librarian that puts that much energy and kick into in the L word is standout in my book.

For those that don't know already, the MaintainIT project has cooked up some wonderful resources to help libraries with technology issues. The first book, A Cookbook for Small & Rural Libraries, I can honestly say that I've read from cover to cover. Inside the cover (or free pdfs)it offers many tips on maintaining public computers and provides some great cost savings charts and maintenance schedules for both making strong business cases and following through on technology support.

Cookbook #2, Recipes for a 5 Star Library, just came out weeks ago and builds upon the first and covers everything from setting up wireless access to print and pc reservation to laptop check out services. What makes both cookbooks better then most library technology guides are the in-the-field stories from the front lines and as the project moves forward with the next book in the series, there is lots of opportunity for libraries of every size to share success stories.

If you have a success story or even a small technology tip that has made difference at your library. Don't be shy, let the folks at the MaintainIT project know. And being a member of the project's steering committee, I'm also happy to receive and forward a story. Not to worry, you don't need to make up cheer like Margaret to get notice. A simple story or quote will go just as far. :)

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Anonymous said...

i just ran across the words to the library cheer on CLA's blog.

thought you might appreciate them. i know i did. :)