Monday's blast from the past

From the UCLA Library Digital Collection:

Oh, if only library clerk Carolyn Folmer had just been instructed to turn the book "charging" machine around... then the Los Angeles Public Library could have claimed being the first library to offer a patron self-check out machine. :)

Hmmm... on 2nd thought, maybe LAPL was the first. I really don't know. But I bet someone out there does. If you know who was the first PL to offer patron self-check, please leave me a comment. I'm curious now... Thx.

Discovered via Librarian in Black.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that small town public libraries from years past; the tiny one room kind where the librarian could leave for lunch and trust the patrons to check books out themselves (which amounted to signing your name and date on the card and dropping it in the box)doesn't count?

Anonymous said...

You make a good point. But I'm curious about the technology use and am wondering who was the first pl to offer self-check via a machine.

Thanks for your comment. Truly that small town library was a self-check location :)