Top Business Issues for 2008

Deloitte recently released their top business issues that matter most in 2008 and in looking at the list, I can easily see many of these as major issues for libraries too!

“The business issues that resonated across multiple industry sectors and could have a dramatic impact this year include:
  • Globalization
  • Convergence
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Rising Energy & Health Care Costs
  • Transparency
  • Technology Use & Integration
  • The 2008 Presidential Election
  • Talent Management
Note: Emphasis is mine.

If I had to rank these in terms of importance, I’d definitely place Talent Management and Transparency at the top. To me these not only have the greatest impact on the success of libraries. But they will also be, at least in my mind, be the determining factors for the 2008 Presidential Election outcome. ok, nuff said :)

A complimentary copy of the full report (note 50 page pdf) 2008 Industry Outlook: A Look Around the Corner is accessible here.

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