Innovation. It's all about interactions baby!

I’m finally diving into a great book, Serious Play: How the World’s Best Companies Simulate to Innovate, that a good friend and colleague recommended to me before Christmas. I’m only on page 35 and I’ve already I’ve dog-eared nearly a half dozen pages, so I know already that this one title that I would just be better off purchasing now and adding to my private library.

The intro alone offered up a lot great food for thought and although I’m going to refrain from quoting the book just yet, I did want to jot down my own bit of paraphrasing on this one particular thought:

Innovation is not about creating new ideas; it’s about creating new interactions.

Innovation … from inspiration… to ideas … to implementation … to new interactions. That’s really what the big “i word” is all about. Creating connections that never really existed before and transforming relationships in the process.

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