CML has a good showing at PLA this year. I believe in part because we have so many staff presenting programs this year (four) and part because of the closer proximity of Columbus to Minneapolis (it's far better then Seattle).

Although I, myself, was only able to attend for one day - in and out to cover lots of ground with vendors – I have been enjoying the ability to follow along with what our team is learning and experiencing through the CML@PLA blog.

What a great application for a quick team blog and a great way to capture at-the-moment impressions for sharing and reflection later.

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Cat Herself said...

Helene, thanks for the shout for the presenters - we had 8 people doing 4 presentations - that is amazing, really!

I was at Micheal Stephens' session today about Library 2.0, and he gave you a great cred. I'll blog about it next. :-)