Moving Mountains

I've been working a lot in the evenings pulling together four new presentations that I'm slated to give over the next 3 weeks. Sometimes, I can kick myself for over committing a bit, but then on the other hand I'm glad, for if forces me do more than just tweak and rework content from my past presentations for just a different audience. This coming month is exciting (and exhausting) because all my content for the four talks is 95% new. I'd forgotten how much effort it takes to create a 60-90 minute presentation from scratch, let along four of them. :)

Anyway, I just finished up with my slides for talk I'm doing at CIL with Tony Tallent titled Innovation Starts with "I". I really like my new format (which is heavy on images) and I especially like this final slide ...

It does take a lot of steady work to move mountains. And from my current perspective, I feel like I'm both building and moving my own small mountains with all this presentation prep. The good news is that I'm 2.75 presentations down. The bad news is that I still have 1.25 (aprox 50-60 slides) left to go. :(

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