Fly with Maisy

My flight down to Maimi for IMLS’s WebWise conference was pretty uneventful… that is accept for the small discovery I almost missed making because I never really pay attention to the in-flight magazines. But the shiny blue cover depicting my youngest daughter’s former favorite board book friend caught my eye and I was pleased to see that USAirways and RIF have teamed up to promote reading.

Come fly wth Maisy Maisy Fly with me - see 5th bullet

The book itself is great and offers a handful of helpful tips for parents on the back cover, including “Take kids to the library: A library card is a free ticket to everywhere “ But even with all the goodness, I couldn’t help but wonder… why is this the type of campaign that public libraries aren’t in on the ground floor (or perhaps I should say "runway") with? Instead of being the 5th (& last) bullet point on the back cover… we should be the primary partner/sponsor on the cover! Don’t ya think?

Between Target, B&N, USAirways, etc. corporate America seems to be dying to spend their community sponsorship dollars on reading and literacy. So why not team up nationally with libraries? [knock, knock ... ALA]

PS: RIF/USAirways website here.

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