Flickr for Good

This exciting announcement arrived in my email today ...

“Today, Flickr and TechSoup announced a partnership, Flickr for Good, to offer 1-year Flickr Pro accounts in quantities of two or five accounts for eligible non-profit organizations. These accounts allow unlimited storage, photos up to 10 MB in size, organization into any number of sets and collections of sets, and submission into the pools of up to 60 Flickr groups.”

Read about it here:

TechSoup announcement
Flickr announcement

PS: Thanks Sarah!

Addendum: Be sure to read Sarah's comments below about public library eligibility. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Helene,

Thanks so much for posting about this exciting partnership!

Sadly, there's one *major* mistake on the Flickr for Good web site that I'd like to clear up here:

Public libraries ARE eligible!

That's right: we're working with Flickr to correct this mistake, and you'll find all the correct info on the TechSoup eligibility page, which states that public libraries and non-profits in the US and Canada are eligible for this program.

Whew. So go get some Flickr Pro accounts and have fun, public libraries!

-sarah washburn
MaintainIT Project of TechSoup