Collection Development in the age of social captial & reputation?

There’s a very interesting post and thread over at the LibraryThing blog where Tim makes a good point that libraries need to start thinking about how to develop collections in a world where publishers are less influential (replaced by self publishing utilities like and in some cases “books” never even make it to the printed form.

This is a discussion item that I’ve been bringing up more and more in my talks and it’s one of those issues that I believe in a a few more years will really rock the core. As our culture continues to challenge traditional “authority” systems with newer models rooted in social capital and “reputation,” I’ll be curious to see to how it impacts our collection development practices.

Great food for thought… thanks Tim! Read the full discussion, Getting real: Libraries are missing books


Muggie said...

I've heard about this topic from a lot of sources now we are entering the age of Kindle and Sony's ebook reader.

gg said...

This is happening in the recording industry as well. Nine Inch Nails just made a lot of money by releasing an album only over the internet.