Collaboration with a big "L"

Wow! Community collaboration powered by library collaboration, This really rocks!

"A partnership within the northern region of Melbourne, consisting of Darebin Libraries, Moreland City Libraries and Yarra Plenty Regional Library ... WikiNorthia is an innovative project that will encourage people across five local councils with rich cultural histories and diverse communities to get together and tell their stories providing a snapshot of life in the north of Melbourne now as well as the past. The project is the first of its type in Victoria and in fact Australia."


sowens said...

So is this like a new version of the writers project from the 20's when slave narratives and other biographical and geographical documentation was written down for posterity? It this like a community narrative? Oral history on line? I'm asking this as I am really interested in this as aa aspect of librarianship - preserving the past and shaping the future.

Infolass said...

I don't know about the writers project you mention but Wikinorthia's content is and will be lots of things. In my role as Local History librarian at YPRL we are running a reminiscences program. In an effort to easily record the memories discussed participants will be either encouraged to write about their memories to be placed on Wikinorthia themselves or with the assistance of a staff member or library volunteer. There will also be a lot of additonal local content including articles sumbitted from local history groups and others. The more it grows the better it will get.