Yahoo developing for semantic web

Last week Yahoo announced that they're diving deep into the semantic web.

"In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing more detailed specifications that will describe our support of semantic web standards. Initially, we plan to support a number of microformats, including hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hAtom, and XFN. Yahoo! Search will work with the web community to evolve the vocabulary framework for embedding structured data. For starters, we plan to support vocabulary components from Dublin Core, Creative Commons, FOAF, GeoRSS, MediaRSS, and others based on feedback. And, we will support RDFa and eRDF markup to embed these into existing HTML pages. Finally, we are announcing support for the OpenSearch specification, with extensions for structured queries to deep web data sources."

Wow! Although many of these microformats are foreign to me, I'm personally excited about the support of vocabulary formats like Dublin Core. I can also imagine that this also has digital archivists and catalogers jumping for joy.

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