Learning 2.0 completion rates from other libraries?

This request fell into my email today and since I didn't really have a good answer beyond my own experience at PLCMC, I thought pose the question for any other libraries that have adopted or done the Learning 2.0/23 Things program here.

"My Emerging Technologies committee is going to embark on 23 Things this fall, and we’re trying to anticipate how many completion prizes we’ll need to buy. Do you have any data on the average completion rate of the programs that libraries have been doing? We’re planning on offering the program statewide in conjunction with the state library. "

Great question ... here's what I can offer from the PLCMC experience:

If you have any stats for your library's program that you can share, can you please post them in the comments? I'd also love to know.



Michelle McLean said...


We had 40 enrol first time round, 21 complete it. We are now running the program again and have 15 enrolled, but some of the staff who didn't complete it first time around are doing it now too. Hope this helps.


Polyxena said...

At City of Boroondara Library Service we had 45 people start it and 30 complete it.

Like Michelle, we are going to start a new program soon and some of those who didn't finish will probably start again.

There should be some statewide figures for the Victorian Libraries program last year that might be more relevant for the queries. I'll see if I can find stuff that was sent out at the end.

amanda said...

At McMaster, we had 83 staff members sign up voluntarily and 68 completed the program.

Thanks for posting this, Helene. I, too, am curious about the results, so I'll be watching these comments :)

Grace said...

The iHCPL program at Harris County Public Library had:
328 staff registered or 71% of the staff (460 staff)
261 people completed the entire program (80% of registered participants; 57% of all staff)

A couple notes:
The program was voluntary with no big prizes (we gave bling and training hours).

We are now doing iHCPL: The Next Generation, which is also voluntary. No data at the moment on this one as we are tracking it differently. No prizes for this one, although we're going to add "Blog Bling" for people to add to their blog when they complete a module.

Jen said...

For those of you who have posted your completion rates, can you tell me the total size of your staff who were eligible to participate in the program?

I'm the one who sent the question to Helene.


hood_and_hat said...

At Queens Library, we had about 125 people sign up and 59 finish. We're a pretty big library system, so only a small number opted to participate. Our program was open to all full-time staff but mostly librarians participated.

PandaLibrarian said...

We just completed the 2nd Semester of Project Play ( Three library systems in Wisconsin worked together on this project, OWLS, SCLS, and Winnefox. As I'm from SCLS, I'll only report on the our statistics.

There are 52 libraries in SCLS so I don't have a total number of people eligible for the program. We did limit the registration to 75 for our sakes - and for incentives and such. Of the 75 registered for first semester, 42 finished. For the second semester, 61 people registered and 38 finished.

Thanks for the inspiration, Helene!

Beth said...

Another Project Play report, this time from OWLS. We limited registration to 50 people to make it more manageable. Of the 50, 52% completed and earned an incentive. 2nd semester only had 39 registrants, but 69% completed. More information about the incentives we used can be viewed at We're happy to answer any other questions, too! :)

Mike2.0 said...

At Multnomah County Library we had 429 employees who signed up out of 553 eligible (78%), and of those, 172 completed (31% of total, 40% of participants).

Jen said...

Another related question... How many hours a week did staff spend monitoring your program? We are trying to get a library school intern to help out, and I am wondering how much time it takes.

We're doing a state-wide program, so if you can include the number of participants you had, that might help me anticipate our weekly needs.

Thanks in advance!

David W said...

At King County Library System we had 508 staff take part (approximately 800 were eligibile) and 321 complete the program.

OCL Web Things said...

At Ocean County Library (Toms River, NJ), we had 256 staff of 620 eligible register. 136 completed on time. We were lucky that we ordered 100 MP3 players very early and then had a chance at the halfway point to see how the players were progressing. We then ordered another 50. Our Grand Prize to be awarded June 6 at our Staff Development Day is a Nintendo Wii. Thank you for letting us use your program. It has been a great experience for all of us. Elizabeth Cronin, Coordinator Information Services