MySpace Library Profiles - UPDATED

As a follow-up to my recent post about MySpace -- Note to aspiring bloggers: If you want your blog to come alive, it looks like all you have to do is post a commentary on this :) -- I've discovered a few libraries out there who are actually testing this space with their own profiles - Neat!

Take a look ...
Public Libraries:
The Library Loft @ ImaginOn - PLCMC
Denver Public Library - eVolver
Goshen Public Library
Hennepin County Library
Lansing Public Library
Parma Public Library
New Castle-Henry County Library
San Jose Public - Tully Branch
Thomas Ford Public Library
Tonganoxie Public Library
Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
Westmont Public Library

Academic Libraries:
Brooklyn College Library
Georgia Tech Library
Morrisville State College Libraries
University of Texas - Austin libraries
Wendt Library - UW Madison

If you know of a Library that's not on the list who also has a MySpace profile, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it :)

3/8 Update: The list is growing thanks to everyone's responses. I'll try and update this again later in the week with any new replies. So keep profiles coming. :)

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*mi said...

Anonymous said...

The Denver Public Library has one at

Amanda Werhane said...

Wendt Library, at the UW-Madison, is on MySpace ( and Friendster ( and Facebook (

Gothmom said...

San Jose Public Library - Tully Branch

Anonymous said...

University of Texas at Austin is on both MySpace and Facebook. The Facebook profile was just created and isn't populated with users quite yet.


Teens @ APL said...

Alexandrian Public Library's YA stuff:

Anonymous said...

Just started a myspace for my library and things have gotten out of control! The person who helped set it up added herself as a 'friend' (she's a library employee). Her myspace was filled with sexual content. Her co-workers complained notified HR and now, HR Univ. Relations and the Univ. lawyer are involved. All because of a link! I've been chastised for not running it through a committee first.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Teens said...

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main's Teen area has one:

Anonymous said...

Parma Library in Hilton, NY has a myspace account too!

Anonymous said...

The Western Branch of the St. Joseph County Public Library in South Bend, Indiana has a myspace profile called Western Teens.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix Public Library has one.
Teen Central, really.

Melinda Shelton said...

Birmingham Public Library (Alabama) is on MySpace at:

Kelli at College Library said...

Ball State University Libraries' MySpace at

Anonymous said...

We here at the University of Central Florida Libraries' Ask a Librarian reference service have started a MySpace profile ( to promote ourselves to our target market. We've also created a MySpace group for libraries to network and share ideas for using the medium ( We're still in the beginning stages, but we've found that it can be a valuable promotional tool for our service. After less than two weeks of being "live" we have over 630 students (and growing!) who have accepted our friend requests. MySpace members who identify themselves as current students of our University total over 20,000. Not too shabby for a service that has "peaked".

Kelly said...

There's a good list here for best practices (libraries w/myspace for teens):

and YALSA'S wiki:

Kelly said...

Also, while the Loft at PLCMC has a stellar MySpace site, there are these PLCMC branches too:

Anonymous said...

Portland Community College Library

Max Macias

Anonymous said...

Bryant University Library

Anonymous said...

Scottsdale Community College Library:

Anonymous said...

London Public Library. London, Ontario, Canada.

I made our myspace page in January. It's been great. We have a group of teens that have messaged and thanked us for the page as we use it to send out bulletins about our monthly indie teen bands shows (and they can watch clips from the shows there too). I also had a teen ask via myspace for reading suggestions because she was out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library: