1st Monthly CML Report

Apparently, as I've heard from many CML staff, item 3 on my top ten list from my first week at CML back in December created a lot of interest and conjecturing. So in the spirit of revealing its contents, I'd thought I'd just share my first monthly CML report for those staff that have been wondering (& who may not look extensively at the board package once it's posted on the intranet either). :)


“You know you have your work cut out for you when your new boss delivers your work plan for your first few months to you on a post it note. :) ”

In many ways the small blue square 2.5 X 2.5 piece paper that I’ve attached to the inside cover of my “CML Bible” is a great reminder of what’s truly important in this new position as Digital Strategy Director. And, as I’ve learned over the past few weeks, the most brilliant marketing messages (i.e. big broad objectives on my work plan) are often best delivered in the smallest and most concise packages. :)

Indeed "Values, Relationships, Plan – Vision, Strategy" have been my focus over the my first few weeks here at CML and in drafting my first board report, I thought I'd just share a few of the insights I’ve gained as I've worked towards gaining a fuller understanding of these on-going focus areas:

  • Values: CML's four core values are easy to remember using the word “pert” (short for pertinent, as in extremely important). Passion, Excellence, Respect and Trust form the foundation of everything that we do at CML and it’s been easy to see as I’ve started to visit the branch locations this month, that staff also take these to heart in all that they do.

  • Relationships: Even though it seems to me that an unusually large portion of staff have substantial long-term relationships with CML -- I still am blown away by the average employment longevity of the staff. All good signs BTW -- every staff member that I have encountered has been wonderfully receptive to building new relationships and willing to share their thoughts and ideas. I’ve also discovered that my personal blog provides a great advantage in this area. Many staff members have told me over the last month that they read my blog and feel they know me in a way. That's good, but it also makes me wish that every library employee had one of these, so I could get a leg up on what makes them tick as well. :)

  • Vision: From a digital strategy perspective, CML's current vision couldn’t be any better worded or positioned then it is already. With the changing digital emphasis over the past few years from web 1.0 (information & access) to web 2.0 (community & engagement), "A thriving community where wisdom prevails" melds perfectly with where the online and digitally connected world is moving.

  • Strategy: CML's three external focus areas (young minds, powers users & virtual users) and two internal areas (expand capacity & engage team) provides a great structure for what I have suggested as a framework for moving forward with developing future deliverables for CML's digital strategies. These framework elements will guide CML Digital Services in answering the question, "what elements need to be present in our strategies and tactical plan items in order to have the greatest impact on our virtual users?"

    • Engage - To enable our customers to connect with library staff, its services and with each other in meaningful ways.
    • Enrich - To provide our customers with a rich online experience that enhances their local branch experience & daily lives.
    • Empower - To enable our customers to personalize their library experience and to allow our community to celebrate themselves.

So that’s all for my first report. This first full month has really been about that small blue post it note. And although I imagine that my actual work plan will expand over the coming months to be much larger in both physical size, scope and content, I can’t imagine that the importance of this high level focus will ever be any more succinct and clear.


Erica said...

I'm really excited about everything you're going to be doing at CML - and I'm even more excited to get to talk with you when you make your way around to my division (SBN). Glad you've had a productive and enjoyable first month here!

Cat Herself said...

Yea, your blog helps us all a lot! It was great to hear all of this at the meeting yesterday, too. Congrats on selling your house, too!

Cat Herself said...

BTW - did you get those sensible snow boots yet? Sure need 'em today!

Michelle McLean said...

It all sounds so exciting - you have a great foundation to work on with CML's values - I look forward to hearing of the great things you will be doing with the team there.