Slidecasting vs Screencasting

Polly Farrington has just done a terrific slidecast of the differences between screencasting and slidecasting. I know, there's a lot of "s" words in that sentence. Try saying "screencast, slidecast" fast three times. :)

Anyway, take a look at Polly's terrific slidecast. I've been meaning to play around with slidecasting capabilities on for awhile now and Polly's slidecast is a great introduction.

Thanks Polly!


pollyalida said...

Thanks Helene! I had fun doing this. Saying 'slidecast, slideshare, and screenscast' over and over again was the hardest thing about doing this. Lots of funny audio edits - which is why I sound like I'm laughing at the beginning. btw - it was Kathryn Greenhill's terrific "what is library 2.0" slidecast that got me inpsired.

Magi said...

Thanks for putting this demo together. I can see all kinds of great uses for our Kids Page and Summer Reading program. I'll be using this idea to jazz up programs, and weekly centers.