Another NetFlix model twist

I've been reasearching and brainstorming some potential NetFlix models with a few staff over the last few days and then this Wired story, NetFlix Presents, hit my RSS reader:

"You know, Netflix. In the last seven years, the company has amassed 5 million subscribers and now mails 7 million DVD rentals each week. ... But that's only one side of Netflix. The company also has quietly become the exclusive distributor of more than 100 indie films, and it's even starting to produce original movies."

Which made me ponder... there may be a greater need to figure out a good NetFlix/Library ( or similar like) model. For if this new development flourishes, our ILL requests could be flooded with requests for NetFlix films from non-NetFlix users! OK, I know ... it's a stretch and not likely. But it does make you think about the impact that this delivery service (and now production service) has made on future current customer expectations?

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Kelly said...

Elmwood Park Library in Illinois has 'LitClick' which received an LSTA grant to fund the project. Fiction books on the users wish list are mailed and returned with a postage paid envelope.

There's a report here prepared by the New York Metropolitan Library Council in May 2006 for resource sharing and library delivery service:

Here's a YouTube video on the netflix model for books from the Watertown Library in MA in June 2006: